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How to Create an Effective Job Posting on ONBoardNWA

How to Create an Effective Job Posting on ONBoardNWA


Welcome to ONBoardNWA—the ultimate platform for local job listings in Northwest Arkansas! When it comes to hiring the right talent for your company, crafting an effective job description is a crucial first step. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the essential elements of a compelling job posting and how you can tailor them to captivate your ideal candidates.


Components of a Job Posting


Job Title

The job title should be straightforward and descriptive. Steer clear of buzzwords or jargon that could confuse job seekers. Titles like "Marketing Specialist" or "Software Engineer" are more likely to attract the right candidates compared to something vague like "Marketing Ninja."


Importance of Keywords

Include relevant keywords in your title and description. This optimizes your listing for search, making it easier for candidates to find you.


Job Location

Be specific about where the job is located. Is it a remote position, or is the role based in the office? With Northwest Arkansas becoming an increasingly attractive hub for various industries, mentioning landmarks or commute considerations could be a selling point.


Summary of the Role

Here, provide a high level overview of what the role entails. Mention the department the role will be a part of and how it contributes to the larger company goals. For instance, "As a Customer Service Associate, you will be the frontline of our company, helping to elevate customer satisfaction and drive brand loyalty."



 List the duties and responsibilities in a clear, bulletpoint format. Prioritize them by significance.

 Manage customer inquiries

 Upsell products

 Handle complaints, etc.



Specify both hard and soft skills that candidates should possess.


 Hard Skills:

 Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

 Proficiency in MS Office


 Soft Skills:

 Excellent communication abilities

 Strong analytical thinking


Highlight any qualifications that are absolute must-haves for the role.


Compensation and Benefits

While it’s not mandatory, including a salary range can help you attract candidates who are aligned with your budget. Don’t forget to mention other perks like healthcare, retirement plans, or even something as simple as free snacks in the office.


Company Culture

Share what sets your company apart. Are you a startup with a flat hierarchy or a traditional enterprise with defined roles and responsibilities? This gives candidates an idea of what it’s like to be part of your team.


Application Process

Guide applicants on how to apply for the role on ONBoardNWA. Mention any documents they need to upload, such as a resume or cover letter, and outline the expected timeframe for the hiring process.


Extra Considerations


Inclusive Language

Make sure your job description is welcoming to all by using gender-neutral terms and avoiding any language that might alienate candidates from diverse backgrounds.


 SEO Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just for your website or blog; it's crucial for your job postings as well. The objective is to make your listing easily discoverable by candidates who are actively searching for roles in your industry.


How to Choose Keywords

Start by identifying relevant keywords that potential applicants are likely to use when searching for jobs. These could include the job title, skills required, industry jargon, and even the location.


For example, if you're hiring a software engineer with expertise in Python, your list of keywords might include:


  • Software Engineer

  • Python

  • Backend development

  • Northwest Arkansas


Where to Place Keywords

Once you have a list, strategically place these keywords throughout your job posting. You'll want to include them in the job title, summary, and qualifications sections for maximum impact. 




Before SEO: 

Job Title: Developer Needed  

Summary: We're looking for someone skilled in coding to join our team.


After SEO:  

Job Title: Software Engineer  Python Backend Development  

Summary: Our Northwest Arkansas-based tech company is seeking a skilled software engineer with a focus on Python and backend development to contribute to our dynamic team.


By optimizing your job description for SEO, you improve the visibility of your listing on platforms like ONBoardNWA and search engines, making it easier for the right candidates to find your posting.


Visual Elements

Consider adding images or even short videos that offer a glimpse into your company’s culture or the specific job role.


Legal Requirements

Ensure that your posting complies with employment laws, including equal opportunity statements and nondiscriminatory practices.



Crafting an effective job description is both an art and a science. With the right amount of detail and creativity, your listing can stand out in a sea of generic postings. Ready to find your next superstar employee? 


Post your job listing on ONBoardNWA today!