Ozark Natural Foods Coop

Ozark Natural Foods Co-op 

Real Community

The Co-Op is not just one community. It’s a collection of overlapping and intersecting communities. It’s a place for people who are passionate about supporting local farmers, for people who want to protect our environment, and for those of us that want to eat really good food.


Ozark Natural Foods doesn’t just support local, we are local. We source many of our products from local vendors and support the growth of small, local farmers. To us, local means next door. It means one-on-one relationships with makers, growers, and small businesses. To us, local isn’t just a movement, it’s the only way to do business.

Radical Transparency

From where your food comes from to how every single cent is spent, The Co-Op is committed to radical transparency. This means you know where exactly your dollar goes and what exactly you are buying. We can spend hours telling you every detail, but here’s the short answer: no one pays closer attention to what your family is eating than we do.